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Why Lanata Advanced Skincare prefers needling over lasers:




Micro-needling is a technology used to stimulate the production of collagen within the skin to provide skin rejuvenation and plumping in a non-laser, non-surgical way.  It also shrinks pores, diminishes lines and wrinkles, minimizes visible capillary damage, helps break up pigmentation and is very effective in smoothing scars and skin texture. Multiple sessions are recommended to achieve optimal results; however results can be seen after just one session. It takes three months for full collagen rebuild and most see significant skin rejuvenation in 6 to 8 weeks following their session. Results vary in each patient.

The main concerns among patients are pain and down time.  After a lot of sampling and research, I am happy to say my clients are extremely pleased with the new numbing cream and say it significantly reduces discomfort.  Some even say they can “hardly feel anything!”  I did the same research with my post treatment recovery masks. Tune in to my YouTube channel next month (Oct) for video demonstrations to see for yourself!




One treatment, pores are starting to reduce in size

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Face: $175

Neck and Decollete $225 

Face, Neck and Decollete $375 

Add-on Hands to any of the above for $50


NEW!! Dermaceutical Post Treatment Face & Neck Mask Add-on $40

Love the idea of looking younger but not a fan of the down time? This innovative cloth mask delivers potent hydration and cools for immediate relief and healing. Reduces down time!


Key ingredients:


Copper Peptides to accelerate wound healing


HylaFuse Complex is a triple weighted Hyaluronic Acid complex that effortlessly absorbs into the skin to promote maximum hydration. 


Willow Bark to immediately reduce redness, irritation and sensitivity for comfort and a balanced complexion.  


Hydrolysed Collagen is a bio-identical potent hydrator that stimulates increased hydration and firmness.