Spa Sheets for Home

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Lanata is absolutely FANTASTIC! From the moment you walk thru the door you feel very welcome and comfortable. Speaking of comfortable, Lanata is now retailing sheets for Comphy!! I can’t tell you how incredible these sheet sets are. My husband and I are very picky when it comes to sheet sets & these have surpassed our expectations. They are very reasonable and come in different colors to choose from. Make sure to order a set next time you’re in for a treatment!!

~Kyla Paluck

I bought these sheets and they are fantastic!! So soft and comfortable–Highly recommended!!

~Suzanne Wall Juarez


My Father-in-law came to visit last Christmas and slept on my sons bed. Every morning he would comment on how soft and comfortable the sheets were so, this year we are surpising him with his own set! Love these sheets and they make fabulous gifts!

~Mia Stephanopoulos



Sheets, Duvet Covers and Quilted Blankets come in the following colors:




Sheet Set


Includes: Two pillow cases (except for Twin sizes, which only include one pillow case), one fitted sheet and one flat sheet. Made from Comphy’s famously soft high performance fabric, these sheets are:

    • Wrinkle-free
    • Quick-drying
    • Treated for stain release
    • 100% recyclable
    • Protective against allergens
    • Scientifically proven to promote sleep



Flat: 67″x 97″ (Twin)
Fitted: 39″x 75″


Flat: 67″x 97″ (Twin Extra-long)
Fitted: 39″x 80″


Flat: 82″x 97″ (Full)
Fitted: 54″x 75″


Flat: 96″x 108″ (Queen)
Fitted: 60″x 80″


Flat: 112″x 108″ (King)
Fitted: 78″x 80″


Flat: 108″ x 112″ (California King)
Fitted: 72″ x 84″


Materials: Microfiber Twill


Duvet Covers


Made from Comphy’s famously soft high performance fabric.Designed to work beautifully with a variety of decors. Sleek envelope closure gives a clean finish to your bedding, while still offering easy access to the comforter


60″ x 90″ (Twin)

90″ x 90″ (Queen)

108″ x 90″ (King)

Material: Microfiber Twill

Quilted Blanket


Made from 1″ (Twin) or 2″ (Queen and King) quilted squares of Comphy’s famously soft high performance fabric, these blankets are guaranteed to satisfy even the most sensitive of sleepers.


60″ x 90″ (Twin)

90″x96″ (Queen)

108″x96″ (King)

Materials: Quilted Microfiber Twill