YANA takes a 360 degree approach to youthful, radiant skin! YANA daily collagen shots have been proven to show up to 63% improvement to fine lines a wrinkles, 37% improvement in skin texture and 42% improvement is pore size in 30 days. Anyone, anywhere can order YANA daily collagen shots from Lanata Advanced Skincare so, call today.

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As a retailer of this product I went through training and was shown amazing test results. I also have the benefit of having a Dietitian in the family to help me understand exactly how the body absorbs collagen. But it wasn’t until I tried YANA for myself that I actually understood how incredible it is! I recently lost 18 lbs which left a few unsightly stretch marks on my hips. After only three weeks I noticed they were almost gone! I have been taking YANA now for about six weeks and I can notice a big difference in my face too. This product has a 98% bio-availability and helps strengthen hair and nails! Can pick up in office or drop ship to your house.

~Amie Hawks